mercredi 12 juin 2013

Cut Hands: Exorcism Music

Cut Hands, the current musical project of William Bennett, zen master and Whitehouse supremo was playing in town*, june the tenth, in this den of depravation that is the Casa Del Popolo.

The last Whitehouse offerings gave us an indication of what was to come: percussion elements were added, although in an epileptic drum program on crank kind of way**, in Cut Hands the percussion are played in a more "conventional" way.

All the people in the audience were normal and friendly.

As in a Whitehouse gig, the sound was massive (pure speculation, never been to a Whitehouse gig, only the YouTube can tell)...

On the screen, voodoo rituals, naked girl dancing, her ondulations processed via technology, subliminal elements inserted. "Buy Susan Lawly". Always different, always the same.

One of the opening acts, Sacred Paws, female duo, distorto funk, misogyny accusations fall again.

Friend at gig was a bit disappointed it wasn't  the Whitehouse "sound". No, it wasn't. Purists. Maybe William can't scream as well as before.

In some sort of cosmic irony, the show took place the night after the Rolling Stones mass. Which was good because a sonic exorcism was needed to remove the geriatric  cone of evil floating over the city left by Nanker Phelge and crew.

After the show, i shook William Bennett's hand, don't think i could have done that with Mick Jagger...

**Real drums sampled, idiot!

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